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Fertility and Pregnancy

  • Fertility and Pregnancy

Fertility and Pregnancy

Healthy Natural and Assisted Fertility:
Naturopathic Medicine has a wide array of successful treatment options to promote natural fertility as well as complimenting assisted fertility (IUI, IVF). If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for over a year (over 6 months if the female partner is over 35 years old), it is recommended that you seek medical advice to discuss fertility support options. Dr. Peddle will conduct a thorough clinical history and suggest various testing options in order to determine a root cause, for both partners.

Treatment options will include addressing any underlying conditions or contributing factors using the basic Naturopathic modalities, as well as Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy and/or IV therapy.

Basic pre-conception care is also offered in Dr. Peddle’s practice. For couples wishing to become pregnant, it is advised that they start the pre-conception care program at least 3 months before conception, in order to optimize general health, egg and sperm quality and to promote a healthy pregnancy.

Dr. Peddle is passionate about supporting her patients through a healthy and happy pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond. She believes that knowledge is power and has designed an informative Healthy Pregnancy program. This program can be started at any point during pregnancy, but is best paired with a pre-conception care program.

Education, informed consent, pregnancy/birth options and creating a support network for pregnancy, birth and postpartum care are emphasized.   Pregnant women will benefit from nutritional counseling and treatment of common pregnancy complaints such as nausea, fatigue, muscle aches and pains and heart burn. Labour and delivery preparation using acupuncture and/or homeopathy is also important to promote a healthy delivery and speed recovery time.

Dr. Peddle recommends a general treatment schedule as follows:

Early in first trimester: A Naturopathic visit (30min)
To establish a healthy baseline (including nutritional counselling, supplements, lab assessment of thyroid health and iron levels), address common symptoms such as nausea and fatigue, and discussing informed consent basics.

12 weeks: Acupuncture plus a brief Naturopathic visit (1hr)
Acupuncture is recommended at this time to support the transition into the second trimester. In addition to points that are calming, help to build blood and address any ongoing symptoms, a specific point called “guest house” is used at this time to ensure a “favourable constitution” in the baby- this is known as the happy baby point! A brief Naturopathic Visit will be included to address any current concerns and to talk about building your pregnancy and birth team, including the role of a Doula, pelvic floor health, childbirth education classes and exercise.

20 weeks: Naturopathic visit (30min)
Informed consent topics such as Gestational Diabetes screening, homebirth vs hospital birth, delayed cord clamping and more, as well as nutrition and supplements for the second half of the pregnancy will be discussed.

27 weeks: Acupuncture plus a brief Naturopathic visit (1hr)
Acupuncture is recommended at this time to help manage any concerns with energy, sleep, digestion, mood etc. Informed consent topics such as GBS screening and creating a birth plan will be discussed.  Dr. Peddle recommends booking a separate visit around this time if you would like to discuss childhood vaccinations.

36 weeks: Naturopathic visit (30min)
Informed consent topics such as newborn vitamin K shot, eye antibiotic prophylaxis, circumcision, stretch and sweeps, IV fluids during labour, skin to skin/hatting, pain relief and placenta encapsulation will be discussed. Postpartum support and Homeopathy for labour/recovery will also be addressed.

37weeks: start weekly Acupuncture (45min) for labour and birth preparation

Visits can be added as required based on individual need. Dr. Peddle recommends weekly acupuncture in the first trimester if it is an IUI or IVF pregnancy or if there is a history of recurrent miscarriage.