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Award Winning Care

“Thank you so much! I am over the moon thrilled about how everything went as I had hoped! I want you to know you were the reason we learned about all the options I had with care providers and birth options and informed consent, testing options etc. etc.! I would have never known and therefore never even started researching anything if it wasn’t for you. Knowledge is power.  So I want you to know how truly thankful we are.  It’s because of you informing us that we were able to do all of this.”
– Sarah

“Try Bowen Therapy if you have any chronic pain.  It works!
I was skeptical at first but extremely satisfied now.”
– Elisabeth P

“I can’t say enough about the level of care that Dr. Peddles provides.
She has helped improve my level of health ten fold since I began seeing
her over 1.5 years ago and I can’t thank her enough!”
– Jennifer B, Delta BC

“Dr. Briana Peddle is a brilliant practitioner. As a counsellor, I work with the emotional and spiritual issues, but since body, mind and soul are inseparable, it helps tremendously to also address the physical symptoms. Dr. Peddle is the ideal practitioner for that role.  She is conscientious,  professional, thorough and deeply caring. Her practice is informed by multiple and varied modalities, but a practice is only as good as the person who does it. Along with her sharp mind, Dr. Peddle works from her heart, and her  patients rave about her. They describe her a  ‘awesome’, ‘very effective’,  ‘kind and generous’. She is my first referral choice for a Naturopathic  doctor in the lower mainland.”
-Sony Baron MA, RCC

“There are not too many doctors like Dr. Peddle in this new world.   Thank you for looking out for my well being.  I can’t thank you enough Dr. Peddle.  You are truly sincere and genuine.”
– Anna R, Port Moody BC

“I came in to have my car sickness condition assessed.  I always had a very difficult time to be a car passenger, ever since my very young years.  It was always very hard to handle.  The only remedy that has previously worked for me was to take a Gravol pill before being a passenger.  After seeing Dr. Peddle at the Ray Clinic for a few appointments over a two month period, I managed to be a passenger for longer rides, even through slow and busy traffic, and I didn’t even start to feel any symptoms of car sickness.”
– Cat D, Port Moody, BC