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Well Baby / Well Child

Dr. Peddle offers care for your whole family, from pre-conception and onwards throughout childhood. The health of your child begins before conception, so please see Dr. Peddle’s Fertility and Pregnancy page for more information about that stage of health for your family.

At each visit, age appropriate topics will be discussed and informational handouts will be given in addition to addressing any concerns at the time. Dr. Peddle suggests visits as follows as part of her Well Baby/Well Child Program:

At 36 Weeks of Pregnancy: Naturopathic Consultation to discuss labour/delivery support strategies and vaccination information , followed by weekly acupuncture treatments for labour and delivery preparation.

At 8 weeks, 5 months (food introduction will be discussed), 12 months, 18 months, 2 years, and yearly from here on: Naturopathic Consultation, Well baby/child physical exam and addressing any current concerns.

Appointments to discuss acute or ongoing concerns between the suggested Well Baby/Child schedules can be booked as necessary.