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I am now available for select in-person appointments!

If you require any of these services, please book an in-person appointment:

  • a concern that requires a physical exam (eg: skin condition, any pain, digestive discomfort etc)
  • acupuncture
  • bowen therapy
  • B vitamin injection (must call reception to book this type of appointment)

If you are booked for an in-personappointment, the first change you will notice is that in addition to your appointment reminder email, you will also receive an online COVID screening questionnaire 24-48hrs prior to your appointment. This email will also contain a Consent to In-Person Appointments form which you can also complete online; or you may complete this consent form at reception before your appointment.  Either way, please read this entire email before coming to the clinic, as it contains important information about your visit.

The second change is how you are greeted for your appointment.  We ask that you please remain in your car or outside until just before your appointment time.  There is some socially distanced seating available inside if you need to come inside to wait.  Please wear a mask to your appointment- if you require a mask, one can be purchased for $1.  Our receptionist will greet you, invite you to use the hand sanitizer, and complete a second COVID screening questionnaire and the consent form (if you haven’t completed it online already). They will take your temperature using a no touch thermometer and will direct you upstairs to your appointment when your ND is ready for you.

I am so lucky to have a big, beautiful treatment room, so it is very easy to maintain social distancing for most appointments.  As such, it is your decision if you would like yourself and/or me to wear a mask during your socially distanced appointment.  We will each wear a mask for any physical exam, acupuncture, injection or Bowen therapy contact.

I invite you to pay your invoice online after your appointment.  You have the option to safely store your credit card information in our secure booking system for automatic payment, or to go online to pay your invoice.  You are of course still welcome to pay for your visit and supplements at the reception desk.

Our cleaning and hygiene procedures have been updated and we will sanitize the treatment room between patients, sanitizing any equipment used (like the blood pressure cuff or stethoscope, etc).  Reception will be sanitizing any high contact surfaces throughout the day and after contacts by patients or staff.  You’ll notice hand sanitizer available for use throughout the clinic – please help yourself as needed.

If you don’t require any of the above in-person appointments, I encourage you to continue using the telehealth appointments (video option is preferred, vs phone) when possible. However, I will absolutely welcome you for in-person visits if you feel that you need them.  The video consultation is very easy.  Using a laptop or a desk top is preferred as it is easier to transfer documents this way, but a phone or an iPad work just fine. All you do is click the link and it will take you to a page on your web browser for my virtual waiting room. You will need to ensure that your camera and microphone are turned on once you get here. I will then accept your call and we will be able to see and hear each other…easy as pie! I can send you documents (ie. treatment plan), and you can send me blood work results from through this. This form of telemedicine is privacy protected and very secure.

You can book online at or call (604) 939-1059.

The clinic is open 7 days a week, 9am-5pm for supplement pick up.  Please email with the exact name of the supplement you need refilled.  We will contact you when it is ready for pick up.

I am thrilled to be back in person to serve you, and I look forward to connecting however suites your needs: in person, online or by phone!

In Health,

Dr. Briana Peddle ND