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I am open for in-person and telemedicine (phone or video) appointments.  If you have a concern that requires a physical exam, like a concern with your skin, digestion, cardiovascular health etc, please book an in-person appointment.  If you don’t require an appointment for these reasons, or for Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy or a B Vitamin Injection, I encourage you to continue using the telehealth appointments (video option is preferred, vs phone) when possible. However, I will absolutely welcome you for in-person visits if you feel that you need them.

Telemedicine (video or phone)

The video consultation is very simple.  Using a laptop or a desk top is preferred as it is easier to transfer documents this way, but a phone or an iPad work just fine. All you do is click the link and it will take you to a page on your web browser for my virtual waiting room. You will need to ensure that your camera and microphone are turned on once you get here. I will then accept your call and we will be able to see and hear each other…easy as pie!  You can send me your blood work results from via this platform. This form of telemedicine is privacy protected and very secure.

Once I have completed your treatment plan (for telemedicine or in-person) you will receive an email from the Jane booking software.  When you log in to your account, you can click on “My Documents” to view your treatment plan.

If you have had a telemedicine appointment, you will also receive an email from the Jane booking software with your invoice that you can pay online.  If we have your prescribed supplements in stock, they will be included on your invoice and ready for pick up at the clinic any time. We will contact you once your supplement is ready for pick up if we need to order it in for you.

In-person Visits

Before Your Visit

In advance of your visit you will receive an email with a COVID-19 screening questionnaire. You must fill out this questionnaire 24hrs before your appointment. If you answer yes to any of the questions, please contact the clinic to re-schedule your appointment.

If you or someone in your household is experiencing symptoms or is at risk of exposure, please call 811 for guidance.

Family members or support persons: Patients should only have a support member in the visit if absolutely necessary. The support person will also be required to wear a mask and perform hand hygiene when entering and leaving the clinic.

When You Arrive

Please do not enter the clinic until a few minutes before your appointment.

Please leave any unnecessary items in your car. Only bring what you need to your visit.

Please put on your mask before entering the building. Please bring your own mask to all your appointments. If you forget, we have disposable masks for purchase.

Hand Hygiene: When you enter the clinic, please sanitize your hands.  We will provide some for your use.

You will be asked to complete an additional COVID screening document with reception once you arrive for your appointment.

While Inside The Clinic

Public washrooms in the hallway are available if needed. Please perform hand hygiene upon entering and exiting the washroom.

Please cough or sneeze into your arm or a tissue and dispose of the tissue immediately, then wash or sanitize your hands.

Do your best to maintain physical distancing of 2 meters or more between yourself and others.

Payment & Re-booking

If you have entered a credit card into our Jane app booking software, we can complete payment using the app. We just need permission from you after confirming the fees.

We can also accept payment using our POS system in clinic if you prefer. The device will be cleaned between uses to keep you safe.

Please stand behind the plexiglass barriers when interacting with our front desk staff for payment and re-booking.

We’re going to great lengths to keep your time at Serenity Health safe, calm, supportive and clean, and we encourage you to help us in that mission!