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Moroccan Chicken

While thinking about what to make for dinner tonight on this sunny and crisp Fall day, I thought this would be a good time to share one of my favourite Fall Flavours recipes. So grab a cozy sweater, put on the kettle and enjoy this yummy recipe (given to me by my sister Chelsea Peddle, flavour creator extraordinaire!)

Summer Recipe: 3 Bean & Quinoa Salad

Sumptuous Summer Selections
It looks as though summer will be sticking around for a while, so I thought I’d do my part to encourage it to stay.  Soon we will be moving into Fall and transitioning from summer salads and iced drinks to simmering stews and steaming cups of tea.  So let’s make the most of this late summer and enjoy all it has to offer until we start to cozy up in our warm sweaters.  As this is a networking blog and a health and wellness blog, my contribution this month will be to nourish our busy brains and bodies so that we are ready to take on the entrepreneurial world with gusto!

Here is one of my favourite summer recipes, enjoy!