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Wellness: Skin health is more than skin deep

Originally Posted in Tri-City News on April 04, 2014

Your skin is your largest organ and, for some people, it is a large health concern.

Eczema affects roughly six million people in Canada and most cases first appear before the age of five. I’ve seen countless new patients come in with a bag full of medicated creams, washes, moisturizers, etc. on which they’ve spent a fortune with little improvement, or whose skin problems return as soon as they stop using these topical products.


Get ready ladies because today we are talking periods. There are so many slang words to describe this time of the month, most of which paint this natural process as an unpleasant experience.

Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring! The days are getting longer, the sun is shining and flowers are in bloom! With the changing of Winter into Spring comes the perfect time to do a little Spring Cleaning. Open those windows that have been shut all winter long, clean out the old and welcome in the new!

Ancient Medicine For a Healthy Today

As a Naturopathic Doctor I have many treatment modalities at my finger tips such as acupuncture, nutritional counselling, therapeutic supplements, Bowen therapy or homeopathy.  But one of my favourite modalities has to be Herbal Medicine.  Plants have been used medicinally since the dawn of time and continue to play an important role in health today. 

Natural Medicine Controversies in the Media

It seems as though every other day there is a new study telling us that another vitamin, herb or supplement is dangerous for our health or just doesn’t work.  And without fail, over the next few weeks my patients come to me asking if they should stop taking their supplements.  There is no simple answer to this question because sometimes the research is valid, but more often than not, there are serious flaws not only in the research, but even more so in the way that the media has reported the new information.  Controversy sells!