Weight Loss

12 Week Weight Loss Program

Dr. Peddle’s 12 Week Weight Loss Program gives you the information, the plan, the support and the resources to successfully attain and maintain your goal weight. The program follows a basic plan but is highly individualized.

Your first visit will involve a thorough health, lifestyle and nutritional assessment as well as obtaining baseline clinical data such as blood pressure, waist and hip measurements, weight, and lab work as needed. We will also determine if there are any current or active health conditions that need to be addressed before or during your weight loss program.

Phase I: 10 Day Cleanse

This phase involves following a simple 10 Day Cleanse including a medicinal detox smoothie powder that has amino acids and nutrients to support liver metabolism of toxins and their removal via the kidneys and large intestine.

Phase II: Weight Loss, Diet and Lifestyle Modification and MIC Injections (10weeks +)

Phase II involves the reintroduction of healthy foods and a focus on diet and lifestyle modification, including a medical food that promotes blood sugar regulation and includes all the essential macro and micro nutrients required for healthy weight management. Nutrition, exercise and lifestyle modifications will be at the forefront of this phase.

MIC Injections: Methionine, Inositol and Choline are lipotropic factors that help the body mobilize fat stores and eliminate them from the body. The injection also includes B12 to help support healthy metabolism and energy production. The injections are quick and virtually painless. During Phase II you will receive weekly MIC injections. This phase can be extended as long as needed to achieve your goal weight.

Phase III: Maintenance (ongoing)

Once you have made the appropriate lifestyle and dietary modifications to maintain a healthy weight, medical food can be replaced with healthy nutritional options. Continued support around weight maintenance, exercise and motivation will be provided by your Naturopath and your fitness plan provider.

Phase 1 or 2 can be re-started at any time during Phase III if you would like to continue to lose more weight or if you have fallen off track.