Smoking Cessation

This 30-day program is designed to help you become a non-smoker with the help of naturopathic medicine. Dr. Peddle realizes that quitting smoking is a daunting task. It involves breaking firm habits, overcoming addiction, and strengthening willpower. Naturopathic medicine utilizes several techniques to help you through this challenging transformation.

The first session involves gathering information via an intake, a questionnaire and a physical exam. If lab work is required it will be arranged for at this visit. One week following the initial visit is your first day as a non-smoker. The following seven sessions involve acupuncture and naturopathic treatments designed to support you physically, energetically and emotionally. This program may also utilize home-based hydrotherapy, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, and traditional Chinese herbal medicine to help you achieve your goals. There is a special focus on developing new and healthy habits as well as strategies to manage cravings.

Throughout this program, you will be expected to sign and renew a contract promising to refrain from smoking. The success of this program depends on your commitment. If you are ready to become a non-smoker, then we can assist you in making this happen.  Call today and take your first step on the road to freedom.